High Quality Cable Reel Trailers in Wisconsin

Are you looking for the perfect solution to transport electric conduit, inner duct or irrigation coil pipe to and from your jobsite? At FS3 Inc., we have just the cable reel trailers you may need to complete your job. Since 2003, we have specialized in bringing tremendous solutions to the utility industry via high quality services and products, and this includes various manual and electric reel trailers. Each of these reel trailers are specifically designed with helpful user experience in mind by featuring a sealed tube for storing DOT documents, spring pin mechanisms to prevent the loss of small pins, and many more.

Though our cable reel trailers feature many time-saving and unique features, they all vary in specific use. Our single reel trailers can utilize either manual or electric hydraulics and can carry up to 120” reels with 8,000 lb. GWVR. If you’re looking for a more substantial trailer that is able to haul up to 19,000 lb. load capacity, the triple/double heavy-duty self-loading reel trailer is the best option. Also, if you’re looking for a truck mount for your reels, our Hydra Bed self-loading reel mount is the perfect option.

Don’t worry anymore about finding the best provider of electric & manual reel trailers in Wisconsin. Call FS3 today to learn more and purchase your reel trailer today!

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