Turbo Reamers

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Product Description

Mixing, pumping and packing features with backup blades for reaming sand and unstable soils.


The Turbo reamer is your best option when you are reaming sand, dirt and other unstable soils. Thanks to our new design with quality mixing, pumping and packing features, the Turbo reamer makes boring in the sand more manageable. Also the Turbo reamers back blades and packing section makes for easy pushbacks to swab out holes, resulting in effortless pullbacks. Purchase this aggressive yet easy to use HDD reamer today!

Product Features

  • Ideal for sand, sandstone, and clay
  • Reamer of choice for sand and unstable soils
  • Curved packer blades provide maximum mixing and pumping
  • Heavy-duty blades with carbide teeth for aggressive cutting action
  • Back-up blades make for easier push backs