Shur Lock ll Coupling 1-1/4″ To Hybrid Transition

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • UL-Listed Coupler** for electrical applicatons
  • HDPE coupler body and stainless steel hardware for
    maximum corrosion resistance

  • O-ring seal for air and water-tight performance to 130

  • High pullout strength from specialized locking ring and
    slotted end design

  • Assembles easily with 5/16″ nut driver
  • Versatile design works with HDPE, PVC, steel or FRP ducts

  • A no-stop version available to facilitate installation in
    confined areas


The Shur-Lock™ II Coupling System is a patented* design for
high-integrity joining of HDPE and PVC conduits. The body of the Shur-Lock™II is
manufactured from durable high-density polyethylene. The exteranl band clamps
and locking rings are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The o-ring
joints have been air pressure tested to hold over 130 psi and the water sealing
capability withstands head pressures of greater than 20 feet.

The Sur-Lock™II is UL-Listed making it ideally suited for
C&I electrical applications utilizing HDPE ducts or conduits. Beveling tools
are also available for preparing the ends of the duct to facilitate the proper
installation of the