Sabertooth HDD Reamers

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Product Description

Lots of shark teeth in a spiral pattern and a tapered backing section for sticky, sandy or rocky ground.


With our Sabertooth combination backreamer, your team will be able to crunch through hard ground at an unbeatable price. With many tall shark teeth in a spiral pattern and a tapered packing section, the Sabertooth combination HDD drilling reamer tackles sticky, sandy or rocky ground conditions on a single bore. This hdd drilling reamer combination tool is heavy duty, easy to use and perfect for your teams next project. Purchase the Sabertooth combination reamer today!

Product Features

  • Ideal for cobbles, shale, river rock, glacial til and hardpan
  • The must-have reamer for tough, combination soils
  • Large shark teeth carbide cutters give ­aggressive yet smooth cutting action
  • Angled placement of cutters and spiral pattern results in an excellent mixing and pumping action
  • Back-up blades make for easier push backs