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New ZIP-GRIP Pulling Grip 2-3/4″-3-1/2″

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Product Description

ZIP-GRIP™ with Zip Cord for Easy Tape Removal

Zip Grip model Z-XS grips’s design incorporates a ZIP CORD that is a fine steel wire that lies over the grips mesh and the bands. While taping the grip and the bands the zip cord stays beneath the tape. After the pull is done the user can pull the cord and just like a zipper the cord rips and opens the tape layer. These grips feature coated galvanized cable, reverse weave, and a single wire bail.
Part No. Size Range WL lbs. UTS lbs. Weave Mesh Eye
Z-XS-D-TW-38 2 3/4″ – 3 1/2″ 4,500 13,500 Triple 38″ 7″