Bolt-On Side-Load FR TH

Bolt-on | Side-load Fastream Transmitter Housings

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Product Description

The bolt-on Fastream® Transmitter Housings are ompatible with the Pit Bull™ feature and the Melfred Borzall patented FastBack® System. These tough-as-nails transmitter housings feature heat-treated alloy steel for maximum strength and durability. Keep everything tight and secure while in use with our double locking lid bolts. These transmitter housings are available in any Ditch Witch® or Vermeer® bolt pattern.

Product Features

  • Heat-treated, chrome-nickel-moly alloy steel for maximum strength and durability (the same high strength, fatigue resistant steel used in landing gears and propeller shafts)
  • Large lid tabs provide more contact surface for less wear and longer life
  • Double locking lid bolts keep the transmitter secure
  • Engraved part number for identification
  • Removable, replaceable tail-piece increases longevity of the housing
  • Bolt holes are thread milled for a better quality thread and to allow more threads to engage
  • Removable, replaceable tail-piece increases the life of housing while standard API threads adapt easily to various rigs
  • Epoxied lid slots to minimize transmitter exposure to mud
  • Incorporates the Super Nozzle designed to minimize clogging and angled to ensure the jetting action is in the desired