Manual & Hydraulic Reel Trailers For Ohio

FS3 triple reel trailers for saleFS3 Inc. is proud to provide top-of-the-line cable reel trailers for the utility industry professionals of Ohio. We carry reliable, American-made products that will hold up through any weather and prove the durability your job requires. At FS3 Inc., we have offered utility solutions for over 15 years out of our Twin Cities, MN-based headquarters. We carry durable HDD drilling equipment, cable reel trailers, and utility construction products can thrive even in the toughest conditions.

Our wide range of heavy-duty utility cable reel trailers contains an option for every need. No matter what type of cable reel transportation your work requires, our reliable reel trailers are sure to provide a solution. With the simple flip of a switch or the press of a button, these trailers will get the job done. If you need an easy-access truck bed mount to transport your cable reel, consider the innovative HydraBed truck mount to load with the push of a button. When you have more to carry, our heavy-duty triple/double self-loading trailer can handle up to 2 – 120” or 3 – 102” reels, or 19,000 lbs. load capacity.

Whether you need a single, double, or triple utility cable reel trailer, you can trust FS3 Inc. We’re happy to offer utility and telecom professionals in Ohio with excellent products and outstanding customer service. Call the Minnesota-based cable reel trailer experts at FS3 Inc. today to learn more about how we can help!

Cable Reel Trailer Options

Single Cable Reel Trailer - ManualFS3 - Single Reel Trailer - ELECTRICFS3 - Deluxe Reel Winder Trailer

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