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Driving through your New Jersey work site, you never know what kind of terrain you’ll encounter or even the weather that will come upon you. No matter what kind of job you’re completing with your cable reel trailer, it’s important that it withstands everything thrown at it. The last thing you’ll want is your reel trailer breaking down. 

If you want to make sure that you’re receiving the best cable reel trailer for your outdoor operations, it’s time to contact the Minnesota-based cable reel trailer professionals at FS3 Inc.

Here at FS3 Inc., we design and manufacture every trailer to be able to withstand the harshest of elements. Whether it’s our hydraulic system, electrical components or any of the mechanical parts, we understand that durability is key to keeping your cable trailer operating.

Reel Trailer Options

Whatever project you’re working on, we will have just the trailer for you. If you’re needing to haul a cable reel to your jobsite but leave your trailer behind, our HydraBed truck mount is an amazing solution to load it in the bed of your truck. For those of you who still need to haul one cable reel but carry it on a trailer, we offer two types of single cable reel trailers: the Manual Single Reel trailer and the Electric Single Reel trailer.

If you find yourself needing to haul up to two cable reels, the Double Standard Duty Self Loading Trailer will be the perfect solution for you. While hauling one and two cable reels may be great for some businesses, others may need to haul a third. With our Triple/Double Self Loading Trailer, you can haul two 120” reels or even three 102” reels. This trailer is either available in a standard duty model, or the heavy duty option, which can handle more hauling weight.

Durable Cable Reel Trailers

If you’re needing to purchase a brand new cable reel trailer for your utility or telecom service in the greater New Jersey area, contact the professionals at FS3 Inc. today! Our Minnesota-based reel trailer experts will provide outstanding customer service and ensure that you choose the best trailer for your needs.


Cable Reel Trailer Options

Single Cable Reel Trailer - ManualFS3 - Single Reel Trailer - ELECTRICFS3 - Deluxe Reel Winder Trailer

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