Quality Utility Reel Trailers For Nebraska Businesses

FS3 triple reel trailers for saleThe outdoor utility and telecom environments in Nebraska are demanding industries and need to be surrounded with equipment that can last through whatever weather comes their way. At Minnesota-based FS3 Inc., we know the needs of these industries and make sure to create products that will thrive even in the toughest conditions. Since 2003, we have been supporting these industries by providing high quality HDD drilling equipment, utility construction products and cable reel trailers.

With each environment and each project needing specific reel trailers to work efficiently, we have created many models of cable reel trailers to suit your needs. Beginning with the single reel hydraulic trailer, we offer both manual and electric models which are able to carry up to 8,000 lbs. GVWR and one 120” cable reel.

Cable Reel Trailer Sales

Our deluxe winder and double reel trailers are also great options for those needing more than one cable reel, but no need to carry robust cable reels. Our triple/double heavy-duty self-loading reel trailer is our premier trailer and it is capable of carrying 24,000 lbs GVWR and up to 2 – 120” or 3 – 102” reels. Our innovations don’t stop there however. We have also created a truck mount for those needing a convenient solution to hauling a cable reel without a trailer.

If you’re needing a high-quality cable reel trailer for your business in Nebraska, give FS3 Inc. a call today to make sure you’re receiving just the trailer you need! Our Minnesota utility trailer headquarters will be glad to talk about how we can provide you with the best cable reel trailer.

Cable Reel Trailer Options

Single Cable Reel Trailer - ManualFS3 - Single Reel Trailer - ELECTRICFS3 - Deluxe Reel Winder Trailer

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