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FS3 hydrabed for saleHaving a reliable, durable and easy to operate cable reel trailer might seem like an impossibility after a few bad experiences with certain reel trailers. With FS3 Inc. however, you won’t have to worry about the quality and operation of your trailer. Since 2003, our Minnesota-based team has been providing the best solutions to utility and telecom industry workers across the United States through safety accessories, HDD equipment and cable reel trailers.

Working with, and being around, industry veterans has a great impact on how we manufacture our top-notch cable reel trailers. Knowing what they need gives us tremendous information on how we should construct our trailers down to the smallest DOT document storage tube attached to the trailer.

Trusted Cable Reel Trailer Manufacturer

Whether you’re needing a simple, single reel manual hydraulic trailer, or an innovative HydraBed truck mount for your cable reel, our products are designed to last and work smoothly. The single reel trailer is capable of hauling up one 120” cable reel up to 8,000 lbs. GVWR and can come in manual and electric models. Our deluxe winder reel trailers and double standard duty trailers are also great selections, but our most robust solution is able to haul up to three cable reels. The triple/double heavy-duty self-loading reel trailer can carry almost 25,000 lbs GVWR with its 3 reel capacity.

At FS3 Inc., we’re proud of our heavy duty American-made cable reel trailers. If you’re looking for a high-quality and easy to operate cable reel trailer in Missouri, call Minnesota-based FS3 Inc. today and we’ll find the best solution for your project needs.

Cable Reel Trailer Options

Single Cable Reel Trailer - ManualFS3 - Single Reel Trailer - ELECTRICFS3 - Deluxe Reel Winder Trailer

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