Durable Cable Reel Trailers in Louisiana

Are you located in Louisiana and needing to purchase a brand new cable reel trailer for your utility, telecom or construction service? You’ve come to the right place. At FS3 Inc., our team specializes in manufacturing some of the best cable reel trailers in the nation which are able to last through the toughest conditions. Our FS3 Inc. reel trailers feature both manual and automatic controls in order to suit your needs.

FS3 Cable Reel Trailers

To provide our clients the best options of cable reel trailers, we offer a wide variety of styles to help those in the utility, telecom and construction industries. Our beginning models include our simple, but durable, single reel trailer which comes in an electric or manual style. These reel trailers are fitted with 17.5” rims, LED lights, a 120” reel capacity and 8,000 lb. GVWR. Our next model improves to hold two reels and is the double standard duty self loading trailer, which is a great option for outfits needing to carry more than one reel at a time and features a 14,000lb. GVWR. If you’re looking to haul up to three reels, the best trailer for you will be our triple/double standard duty self loading trailer or the heavy duty version. These models are able to carry three 120” reels and have a 24,000 lb GVWR.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a single reel trailer, double reel trailer or the durable triple reel heavy duty reel trailer, we will help you find the best option for your needs. Contact FS3 Inc. for all of your cable reel trailer needs in the state of Louisiana.

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