Cable Reel Trailer Sales For Businesses In Iowa

FS3 double reel trailers for saleSearching for a capable cable reel trailer can sometimes be a difficult task, but Minnesota-based FS3 Inc. has the expertise and high-quality products to serve Iowa’s reel trailer needs. Beginning in 2003, we have provided quality service to the utility industry through conduit and cable installation equipment, but we have grown into being an industry leader in providing single, double and triple reel trailers.

Not only do we provide these great utility reel trailers, but we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are properly trained by offering product demonstrations.

High Quality Utility Reel Trailers

Whether you’re looking for a manual hydraulic reel trailer or a triple/double self-loading hydraulic trailer, we can provide just the right solution for your needs. At FS3 Inc., we have rigid frame reel trailers with manual and automatic capabilities so that one person is able to easily control the loading and unloading process.

For all different sized jobs, we carry standard duty trailer options with 10,000 lb. load capacity along with heavy duty trailers with 19,000 lb. load capacity and up to 120” reel capacity.

When looking for a utility cable reel trailer in Iowa, choose the best. Contact Minnesota-based FS3 Inc. today for all of your single, double & triple reel trailer needs!

Cable Reel Trailer Options

Single Cable Reel Trailer - ManualFS3 - Single Reel Trailer - ELECTRICFS3 - Deluxe Reel Winder Trailer

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