Quality Cable Reel Trailers in Illinois

Working in the utility industry in Illinois, you need heavy duty equipment that is able to stand up against all kinds of weather and abuse. If your utility equipment is not constructed with high quality materials, you could run into product malfunctions that could severely delay job completion times. At FS3, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your cable reel trailer. Featuring American-made products, we take pride in our high-quality manual and hydraulic cable reel trailers along with various other utility industry products.

Our product line of electric reel trailers features our single, double and triple cable reel trailers which can be used to transport and install fiber optic cable, innerduct and conduit, among many other products. Spanning from the reliable single reel hydraulic trailer which can carry one reel at 8,000 lbs. GVWR all the way to our triple/double heavy-duty self-loading trailer that can carry 19,000lbs. GVWR, our products are made with quality and made to last. 

If you’re in Illinois and needing the best cable reel trailer for your utility work, contact FS3 today!

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