Vendor Links


American Pneumatic Tools – Complete range of pneumatic, hydraulic tools, light compaction, concrete finishing and portable power.

American Polywater – Cable pulling lubricants, cable gel removers, cleaners & specialty chemicals.

Armorcast – Polymer concrete handholes & vaults.

Blackburn Manufacturing – Marking flags & warning flag drivers.

Blue Diamond Industries – HDPE pipe: smooth wall, ribbed wall, UL Listed, & specialty duct.

Buzzline/Warren Heim – Canvas & blackwrap tool bags, aerial buckets, bucket covers, & pole wrap.

Carsonite International – Location Markers, test stations,cable pedestals, and closures.

Conduit Repair Systems (CRS) – Split conduit & couplings for electrical, cable TV & fiber optic products.

Condux International – Aerial & Underground Cable installation for power, telephone & CATV.

Creek Plastics – HDPE pipe: smooth wall

Dicke Safety –Reflective roll-up signs, fold & roll signs, sign bases & accessories, class 2 safety vests, & class 2 FR vests.

Drifire – FR wear: men’s & women’s undergarments, layering shirts & pants, outerwear shirts, hi-vis, & head protection

Dura-Line – Split lock couplers, shur lock couplings, microduct, HDPE Pipe: corrugated, smooth wall, smooth out ribbed in, ribbed in/out.

Endot Industries – Corrugated conduit & slit duct.

Erico – Ground rods & clamps, & Eritech Hammerlock grounding connectors.

ETCO Specialty Products – Conduit duct plugs –E-LOC HDPE couplings & transition fittings.

Galvan Industries – Ground rods & clamps.

GMP – Cable bending shoes, ratcheting cable cutters & accessories, split round plugs, & splicing tools.

Highline Products – Polymer Concrete, Fiberglass & HDPE Enclosures

Jameson, LLC – Duct hunter traceable rodders, splicing tools, & measuring poles.

Klein Tools – Screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers, wire strippers, crimpers & cutters, fish tapes & benders, electrical testers, tool pouches & holders, cable & bolt cutters, wrenches, measuring tools, & etc.

Krylon – Inverted marking paint, inverted marking chalk, & plastic fusion paint.

Lewis Manufacturing – Pulling grips, support grips & swivels for overhead & underground cable installation.

Maxcell – Textile innerduct for maximizing cable fill.

Melfred Borzall – HDD tools.

Multilink –Rack mount enclosures, wall mount enclosures, splice trays, sno-shoes, raceway molding, & cable identification.

Nehring Electrical Works – Solid or stranded, bare or covered copper.

Newbasis – Polymer Concrete & Fiberglass Enclosures

Nupla – Digging tools, non-conductive soil probes & shovels, & landscaping tools.

Pelsue Company – Fiber splicing trailers & tents.

Photonix Technologies – Fiber optic test & measurement equipment: power meters, LED & Laser sources, talk sets, Flashpistol for leak detection, & accessories.

Plastic Techniques Inc. – Aerial lift bucket liners, tool trays, & bucket accessories.

Presco – Marking flags, buried warning tape, PVC adhesive tape, & marking whiskers.

Pro Line Safety Products – Solid tracer wire – copper clad steel.

Pro-Mark Utility Supply – Dome markers for cable & pipeline routes, & test station markers.

PSE Amber – Strobe lights, beacons, & other vehicle lighting.

Reef Industries – Barricade tape & buried warning tape.

Rust-Oleum Corporation – Precision marking paint.

Schonstedt Instrument Company – Tracemaster II, XT series pipe & cable locators.

T.T. Technologies – GrundoMat pneumatic boring tools.

Triple-C, Inc. – Truck mounted reel carriers and truck mounted livestock management equipment.

United Poly Systems – HDPE conduit, smooth or ribbed interior, with or without pull tape pre-installed & pre-lubricated.

Uticom Systems Inc. – Pad mount decals, cable route signs, cable ID tags, designed for harsh environments.

Utilicor – Keyhole Technology asphalt and concrete coring.